Valentine’s Day Candle Romance

Each Soy Candle Comes With Lid Lites!
It’s like getting 2 candles!

Also Available:

3 Piece Candle Sets  &

This beautiful set is for any candle lover. Perfect for any occasion or holiday. Candles are all soy and hold a longer scent and burning time!

Valentine’s Day is a day for Love and Romance! What says romance better than candles.

The Candle of the Month Membership

is a gift that will be enjoyed again and again! Each month we’ll deliver a highly scented, specialty candle. 


Our signature La Bella Baskets Lid Lites Jar Candles features a second candle in the lid!


We offer a Candle of the Month Membership with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter.


You can never go wrong with giving candles!

Signature Soy Candle Jar Collection

7 Piece Candle Set  

All arranged and placed in a beautiful gift box!


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* Gift Baskets * Fresh Flowers  * Double Dipped Oreos  * Spa Baskets, 

Snack Baskets, Healthy Gift Baskets,

Gifts for Him,  Gifts for Children, Cookie Bouquets  *…AND MORE!

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