LBB Savers Club – Free 30 Day Trial!

Just recently, my company announced a new savers club  membership that will be helping families and businesses save an  outstanding 20% off on ALL gift baskets, flowers, personalized cookie bouquets every dayfrom the entire store!   

It’s like having  our own discount store 24/7.
The neat thing is that there is NO…
  *    coupons to clip
  *    expiration dates
  *    fine prints
  *    contracts

We’re helping many families and business save money whenever they send gifts for any special occasion.

Details of Promotion:

LBB Savers Club members can become a member and join  LBB Savers club for 30 days free!! Then pay only $9.95 per month.*

Yes, that’s right. You can have your own discount store and save 20% off the entire store  every day for 30 full days!

*After the 30-day trial period, they will automatically be billed $9.95 per month.

Promotion Begins:  3/1/2013

Promotion Ends:    4/30/2013

If you wish to start  receiving instant savings please follow these Two Easy Steps:

Step #1.  Visit my website
Step #2  Select “LBB Savers Club”
Within minutes you will start saving money.
p.s. When you buy gifts from  La Bella Baskets  you are directly contributing to our Basket of Smiles Program.  Every Month La Bella Baskets will deliver an uplifting caring gesture of hope to single moms who are experiencing hardships and challenges in life – a La Bella Baskets of Smiles.  This program is very important to  me and to my company.


As a La Bella Baskets Savers Club Member:
Just Save 20% EVERYDAY on every item!


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