Something Lovely is Brewing

Coffee!…The aroma, the joy. Coffee! I wish this was a smell-O-blog, because these photo’s deserve to be admired by their aroma.

I’m also a tea drinker, love me a great cuppa tea! (just look in my tea cabinet) I see these baskets also come with an array of enticing tea flavors. Baskets include various assortments of biscotti, mugs, shortbread cookies, hot cocoa, savory organic dark chocolate bar and more.  There is something for everyone in these baskets because each basket contains a different selection of gourmet goodies. These signature Starbucks gift baskets will perk up and brighten anyone’s day!

Want to save 20% on these Starbucks gift baskets? Check out our LBB Savers Club Membership. It’s an amazing deal! Save 20% on gifts every day for an entire you for…get this…only $9.95!  Usually it’s a $9.95 monthly membership fee, but not this month. This month it’s only a one time $9.95 membership for a year of gift saving. 

All you have to do is visit Visit My La Bella Baskets online gift store and click on Shop Online. Notice the LBB Annual Savers and Reward Club, click…add to cart, place order  and then LBB will send you an email with a link to your own 20% off discount gift store….and wait there’s more!

You also get, a Rewards program. Get discounts on 1,000 online online stores that you shop every day, Walmart, Sears, Walgreens and more. Daily deals and coupon codes too!

There. I’m done. Now, off to smell the coffee or maybe tea…

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