Planting Seeds

One thing I love about La Bella Baskets is how they keep it real.  They educate us what it takes to grow a strong business without the hype.


Below is my favorite post that I read on our Facebook group. It has helped me understand what I need to be doing everyday to grow a solid business for me and my family.  Enjoy the article…


Keep planting seeds
The day you plant the seed is not always the day you eat the fruit.

Sometimes people get frustrated and impatient when they see that what they’ve asked for isn’t here yet.

They give up believing that it’s on its way.

We been raised with many instant gratification claims advertising around us such as: Thinner thighs in thirty days, Quit smoking in one session, Make BIG money the first week, that it’s easy to expect things to miraculously happen in a very short period of time. Problem is that’s not always part of the universe timeline.

Yes, I admit that many extraordinary things can be accomplished quickly under extreme circumstances or with a lot of experience.But for most people, thinking like this can set up unrealistic expectations of what’s to come, and when our initial efforts don’t meet those BIG expectations quickly, frustrations set in.

When there’s a delay in seeing results from an action you’ve taken…. here’s the process that sometimes follows:

1. Doubt creeps in

2. Then worry

3. Followed by Fear

4. Frustration and irrational anger (at yourself, at others, at everything).

5. Resentment and bitterness

6. Giving up

This is where many people completely give up on their dreams.

Sometimes when you try something new, you’ll see results immediately, which is comforting. But then, as you being to stretch beyond your comfort zone and go after bigger dreams that require even more effort, sometimes the results need time to take root.

That’s when you may scratch your head and say “when am I going to get to the next level? It’s not easy to be patient, and it’s probably harder now than ever before, especially when information can be sent across the world In a nanosecond and with the microchips capacity multiplying every few months.

The thing is, the day you plant seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

In all things, there is a gestation period. Think of pregnancy. There’s a reason that it takes nine months for a baby to be born at full term. It simply takes that long for the gestation process to occur You wouldn’t want to rush the process and have the baby arrive any sooner than it needs to. With pregnancy, we accept that that it will take that long for the baby to mature. Instead of getting frustrated and angry, we take our time picking out paint colors, for the nursery, researching the meaning of names, and getting ready for this new little life to join ours. We are patient, even if the last few weeks we grow impatient as we become more uncomfortable. We honor the process of gestation.

And yet with other things in life, we do not always honor the gestation period that required for the universe to rearrange itself for the outcome we’ve asked for. But it’s absolutely necessary . Yes, miracles can happen (and do happen) in short periods of time. But the really important stuff can take a while. Sometimes even a long time, much longer than you think it would or should.

Every great journey has begun by taking the initial step. Every other step you take builds upon that first one. It’s a process, not an event, and life is about progress, not perfection. Pace, not race.

The more you keep taking steps towards what you want for yourself, the closer you get. It might not show up accordingly to your desired time line, but when you point your feet in the right direction and take step after step, you are getting closer to what you want each minute. When you see a glimpse of progress, celebrate it, even if you’ve not quite there yet.

Sometimes you’ll take a step back. You might even take many steps back. But don’t be hard on yourself. There is no straight line in the universe. Even when you set your sights on a target, you will veer off at some point. Yes, you have plans and your own time line, but things don’t always work out as planned. Choose to gracefully accept the twists and turn, and then veer back toward your target.

Here’s the thing you must remember: almost anything really good in life will require time and dedication to become a reality. If you become impatient with the process, you’re more likely to give up on relationships, goals and other thing that are important to you.

It takes time for the seeds you’ve planted to put down roots, sprout, grow, and then bear fruit that you can eat. That’s why you have to be diligent about planting them quickly and doing whatever it takes to foster them. At the same time, it’s important to plant as many seeds as possible so that you have different things cropping up. Don’t rely on just type of marketing to create results right away.

Instead of being in a place of resent (which will never attract quickly what you want), remember to keep yourself in a place of positive expectation.

Here is one thing that I refer to on a daily basis for many years.

I am positively expecting great results, no matter what I see in front of me. The universe is rearranging itself for my best interest right now.

When I refer to that…My voice is being heard. Be patient; it’s on its way. Be in a place of quiet assurance that what you want is getting ready to be sent to you. Once your decision is made, your only job is to be committed to the vision, believe and follow the guidance.

So if you get caught up saying..Why isn’t this happening fast enough? Getting into a place of self-doubt or blaming the process, I remind myself that good things is on it’s way. I just keep moving forward, doing presentations, keep getting the message out about the opportunity/gifts and things seem to just to work themselves out. But if I stay in that place of doubt, worry, or worse, blame, it surely gets worse.

You are ultimately responsible for your own success, your actions and most importantly how you see your own progress. You create your future and your results based on how you choose to see the world and the way you react to life. A person coming from a victim’s point of view will always see fault in the process. That’s universal law.

A person coming from a victorious point of view will always see opportunity, no matter what’s in front of them.

You’ve got to have patience and perservance. Just as you wouldn’t rush mother nature and expect to a tree to grow in one day, blaming the process of the universe for being too slow unrealistic

Tend to your seeds, Do everything that’s required of you. Understand that different plants sprout at different paces, and then get yourself in a pace of positive expectation. Don’t worry, Don’t get frustrated. Be persistent. Believe what you want is on it’s way to you.

Miraculously, that’ s when the results happen, quicker than you thought possible.


Halloween Memories

When my daughter was young we loved creating her Halloween costume. Each year we careful considered our plan of action and gathered our materials for the perfect costume. One of our favorites was the homemade authentic Indian costume which won first place in the town Halloween parade!  I bought a few yards of brown felt, folded it in half and cut a hole for her head, added a cut fringe bodice, and applied beads, feathers and puffy paint animal symbols.  We collected a large walking stick from the woods and I applied rawhide and collected feathers on the top to the stick.

I remember when she walked into the auditorium and everyone’s head turned. She was so proud of that costume and to this day, 20 years later, that costume still hangs in the closet.

Now, that she’s grown and married I miss those Halloween creations and Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. If you still have little one’s enjoy your time together you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Light Up A Life




Here at La Bella Baskets, we are always thinking of ways to bring joy to people’s lives.

So this month, we are starting a contest that will light up people’s lives.

Here are the contest details:

Introducing La Bella Baskets Light Up My Life Contest!

Pick a special person who’s life you want to light up!
Next, make them a small, inexpensive gift. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Here are some suggestions:
* Make them a “You are awesome” or “You are appreciated” card.
* If you like to bake, bake them a sweet dessert and deliver it in person.
* If you like to garden, make a handpicked bouquet from your garden and deliver them to their front door.
* If you like to make jewelry, create a piece of jewelry for them.
* If you like to cook, make them a delicious dish.
* Anything that you think will light up their day.

At the end of the contest, we will select five thoughtful gift givers and send them a beautiful 28 oz. Signature La Bella Baskets Soy Candle. It’s our way of thanking the gift giver for lighting up someone’s life.

Go ahead and enter the contest. Watch the magic behind it.

For more details, visit the link below.

Submit your entry today–just don’t delay, because the last day to enter the contest is 9/13/2013!

Your entry will be posted in our Light Up A Life album within 24 hours of submitting. Good luck!


Jessica Biddle’s daughter spent all summer taking piano lessons that she enjoyed incredibly! So, Jessica made this music paper rose from scratch and gave it to her daughter’s music teacher, Mrs. Charles to show her appreciation for being such an inspiration to her daughter and light up her life! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!






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Something Lovely is Brewing

Coffee!…The aroma, the joy. Coffee! I wish this was a smell-O-blog, because these photo’s deserve to be admired by their aroma.

I’m also a tea drinker, love me a great cuppa tea! (just look in my tea cabinet) I see these baskets also come with an array of enticing tea flavors. Baskets include various assortments of biscotti, mugs, shortbread cookies, hot cocoa, savory organic dark chocolate bar and more.  There is something for everyone in these baskets because each basket contains a different selection of gourmet goodies. These signature Starbucks gift baskets will perk up and brighten anyone’s day!

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Mother’s Day Wishes


My Mother’s Day wish to you…

                                                               relax and soothe…

garden to your delight…

                                                celebrate life’s special moments…

indulge in simple pleasures…

take time for yourself… 

                                                           because you mean so much to me.

~ La Bella Baskets

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